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I hope this podcast will serve as testament that cancer isn’t a death sentence. It’s an opportunity and a second chance….


Hello everyone welcome to the first episode of my podcast – unresectable – how I live with cancer. Now this podcast has been in the works for several months so am super excited to finally finally launch it. This episode is really just an introduction and to talk about why am doing a podcast about loving with cancer. If this is your first time discovering this channel this is definitely the first episode you want to listen to.

Now I realize this isn’t a very sexy topic however am hoping to help bring a message of hope and healing to anyone listing to this even if you are not going through cancer and perhaps don’t know anyone that is – whatever life challenges you may be going through, I promise you’ll find inspiration through some of the things am going to be talking about.

So why am I talking about cancer

First, this is something that is really important to me. There is a lot of misinformation, misconceptions out there on what cancer is and also the different treatments about there, I get messages all the time about how to cure my cancer – unfortunately most of these messages and you’;ll find them all over the internet and on social media – they are simply not true and at best they are misleading. Most do not work and trying some of them may actually have a negative impact on your health,

so this is my way of giving back and to also help educate people on what is and is not real.

This podcast, will also tell my story in my own words, as well as stories of others whom despite been giving weeks or months to love have defied the odds and are still here many years later – thriving and living a full life despite their diagnosis.

This isn’t going to be sad – depressing podcast just because am talking about living with cancer. The podcast is designed to be short so you can quickly get your dose of hope and inspiration – even if you are not going through cancer.

I live with cancer by making sure I am physically, mentally, spiritually and emotional strong and stable-
I hope this podcast will serve as testament that cancer isn’t a death sentence. It’s an opportunity and a second chance and I’ll talk more about that in later episodes.

Lastly – one of the ways you can help support this podcast is to share on social media, youtube, facebook and other platforms you use. And if you know anyone just starting out on their cancer diagnosis journey, please please have them reach out to me- I’d love to talk to them, to first pray with them, encourage them/

Thanks again for listening –

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Episode 7
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