Also just as the plants active components are toxic to cancer cells – it is also neurotoxic which may pose a risk to your overall health…..


Hello – welcome to Episode # 3 – Today, am going to talk about a little known cancer cure – sour sop cancer cure. The claim is the leaves of sousop are 1000 times stronger at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy or radiation

And I have to confess that I am one of those whom after I received an email from a cousin about soursop, I immediately went online and I ordered a bunch of soursop leaves

Soursop is an exotic fruit that is being touted by many as a miracle cure that cures cancer and other ailments its also supposed to help boost the immune system.

Just a quick disclaimer – I am not a doctor, not an oncologist, not a researcher or scientist so please take what am saying with a grain of salt. This is just my personal knowledge and experience.

One of the challenges with this claim is that while research and testing done in a lab with mice and rats may have shown some anti cancer activity, this has not necessarily translated into showing benefits in humans. And thats typical – thats why pharmaceutical companies and drug companies conduct clinial trials. Potential treatments that show promise in a controllved environment don’t always show the same effect in humans.

That is accorinding to a website called which I rely on to find information on different claims out there.

I know there are a lot of websites out there inclusing reviews from people who claimed to have been cured by soursop – its important to know that some of these websites are very cleverly designed and marketed in an attempt to get you to buy a product they may be promoting. SOme will have affiliate links where the website owner or content owner gets a commission when you buy or they make a sale.

I think thats something to be really careful about.

Also just as the plants active components are toxic to cancer cells – it is also neurotoxic which may pose a risk to your overall health.

I’ve personally tried it, and i still have a tonne of leaves in my pantry. After trying it for a couple of months I stopped bcos it did not make any difference to my overall health…based on blood test and scans.
Is soursop really a cure for cancer – well according to snopes the claim is false.

Drinking soursop tea or eating the fruit isn’t n necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to cancer cures, its really an individual thing. What works one person..may not work for you.

That said, refusing mainstream medical treatment to try an unproven treatment such as soursop team is a dangerous choice.

Bottom line is – there isn’t any evidence that soursop cures cancer, so next time you see those articles or videos on you tube touting this cure – please don’t fall for it.

Verdict is – its a false claim

So there you have it our first myth busted.

on the next episode am going to talk about – How to deal with bad or devastaging news about your health.

Thanks for listening and until next time – live out loud

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