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(Babz)- how does it impact you.. how do you feel when I’m having my treatments. (Emelle) – a little good and a little bad.

Emelle: How long does it take?

Babz: It doesn’t take long, I just have to re-record it. OK, so we’re going to restart and we’ll edit it out.

Emelle: okay

Babz:  hello hello today I have a very special guest with me and she’s going to be the 1st guest on this Podcast she’s in the an incredible girl beautiful smart and funny. She  is my princess my daughter Emelle. so I’m gonna be talking to a Emelle asking her some questions about me and some of my some of my health challenges so hopefully you get to hear some of her insights into what’s going on. So here she is. Emelle how about you introduce yourself.

Emelle: my name is Emelle and I am 7 years old.

Babz: OK perfect. So am going to ask you a few questions about yourself so let’s start with what do you like to do for fun Emelle.

Emelle:  I like to color and like to play with my little brother Liam and sometimes I like to play onl my tablet…. I think that’s it 

Babz: ok that’s good that’s good enough..

so we are recording this during the corona virus lockdown sp there is no School and we all stuck at home. What is your favorite thing about not going to school?

Emelle: I can watch my tablet ..I can spend more time with my family and I get to sleep longer

Babz:  that is really really good.. and what is your least favorite thing about not going to school

Emelle:  I can’t see my friends 

Babz: Anything else ?

Emelle: that’s it 

Babz: what would you like to be when you grow up 

Emelle: A scientist

Babz: What kind of scientist?

Emelle: Someone who is going to make the Corona virus go away forever 

Babz: so like a medical’s scientist ..right

Emelle: yeah 

Babz: Is there anything you want to day about yourself or to anyone that may be listening to the Podcast?

Emelle: I hope you stay home and if you have a corner virus don’t be sad….

Babz: so one of the things I wan to add is that Emelle believe it or not suggested or given a lot a really good suggestions about how to record some my Podcast episodes. She suggested that I actually have a video so for anyone that’s watching there is a video so if you’re listening to this there’s also a video of most of my Podcasts. Sh is s always on my case almost on a daily basis asking questions about how the lunch of the podcast is going…also she wanted to make sure that she is the 1st subscriber on the podcast. She’s been A great inspiration to creating and launching the Podcast. lets get to some of the questions that I have for you. OK so answer it as best as you can. How does that sound

Emelle: sound OK

Babz: so what is cancer?

Emelle: it’s a medical condition……..

Babz: and you know that’s what papa has right 

Emelle: right

Babz: and how does it get treated do you know how it gets treated?

Emelle: no

Babz: how about when I sometimes when I go to the hospital to get my treatment what do you what do you see?

Emelle: I see a little bottle in your pocket

Babz: and do you know where its attached to?

Emelle: no

Babz :You just see the bottle right…how does it impact you.. how do you feel when I’m having my treatment

Emelle: a little good and a little bad.

Babz: What is the good part?

Emelle: that soon you’re gonna feel much better

Babz: and what is the bad part?

Emelle: that I can’t see you sometimes..

Babz: what is it that you do to to make me feel better especially when I’m not feeling too well what do you do to help?

Emelle: like if I need to bring you some water upstairs mommy is downstairs and she prepares to water and sometimes I ask her if I can do it

Babz: is there anything else that you do

Emelle: we let you sleep

Babz: what does that mean?

Emelle: we lep you sleep and we don’t disturb unless you won’t feel better

Babz: that is true… so that really those are really really good answers, The way I explain how I’m feeling to Emelle iis to use a percentage so she always seem to know the the battery health on her tablet or her iPad so I figure that using the same logic will make it easy Easier for her to relate to my overall health and also how I’m feeling at any given time so what again i use percentages so I say am feeling 90% or 98% or 99% in that gives her a really good idea of how I’m feeling . How has life changed .. for you since I started my treatment?

Emelle: well , i had to stay summer with grandma and i couldn’t see mommy or you but sometimes you came to grandma’s house to say hello to us.

Babz: How about now how how do you think about your life is changed

Emelle.  well it changed with the corona virus

Babz: yes that is true yes that’s for most of almost everyone right OK … what is it that you pray for so at night when you go to bed what is it that you pray for so at night when you go to bed what is it you pray for?

Emelle: that nobody gets the corona virus and that you feel better..

Babz: what advice do you have for anyone that may have either Corona virus or maybe they are have other health problems what kind of advice do you give to them… may be to people there or not feeling too well what advise to you want to share…

Emelle: you should stay at home and be…but you could still have fun.

Babz: what about people that maybe don’t have Corona virus maybe they have something else..

Emelle: you can do the same the one

Babz: what about taking care of themselves… may be eating better.

Emelle: Yes, they should eat healthy food not too much sugar …exercise and get some rest 

Babz: that is very important yeah OK that is really, so that is quite an insight and it’s good to hear your perspective Emelle. Thank you for being the very 1st guest on my podcast. I want to let you know that I love you very much and that your are an incredible girl that you are very brave and I know that I don’t always tell you this but I want to say thank you for all the time they you take care of me when I can’t take of myself and you are great big sister to your brother and an amazing daughter and your mom and I were very very proud of you. so that concludes the 1st into you for this very special episode. So we gonna say this together

Emelle Babz: Live Out Loud

Great job sweetie

Emelle: so are we gonna cut some part off………

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Episode 8
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