Episode 4

Soursop Cancer Cure

Transcript – Also just as the plants active components are toxic to cancer cells – it is also neurotoxic which may pose a risk to your overall health….. Babz Hello – welcome to Episode # 3 – Today, am going to talk...

Episode 3

How I Got Cancer – Part 2

Transcript – That single moment of hearing the doctor say that I had pancreatic cancer changed me…. Babz Hello everyone OK so here is part 2 of Episode #2 – How I got cancer. This episode will take you through how I discovered and...

Episode 2

Podcast Trailer

Are you ready to discover the secret to defying fearful odds? Welcome to Unresectable – A 5 podcast On Living with Cancer, hosted by Babatunde Esho where we take a break from lifes challenges to learn about the myths, misinformation and the...

Episode 1

How I Got Cancer – Part 1

Transcript – One of the most startling statistics that I came across recently is that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Now that is a staggering amount of people. …. Babz Hello everyone Today am going to talk...

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