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At the age of 41, I was finally pursuing a life-long dream to relocate with my family to spain where we would learn spanish and start a new technology business. 1 week after arriving in spain, my symptoms started and 8 months later after multiple doctor visits and medical tests – a mass was found between my pancreas and stomach.

I left my family in Spain to move back to Canada where I was finally diagnosed with Unresectable pancreatic cancer with only 18 months to live. Almost immediately I started chemotherapy and after the first round, I found myself admitted to the hospital with a bowel obstruction where I stayed waiting for surgery to fix the blockage.

I continued on with chemotherapy treatments and after several rounds, my doctor called me up to inform me that the primary tumor in my stomach had basically disappeared.


This now meant I had the opportunity to finally a chance at curing this disease, so I spend the next few months preparing for a major surgery called “ Whipple”.


The surgery proceeded as planned and few hours into the operation, the surgeon noticed some spots on my liver. A biopsy confirmed the tumor and cancer cells had spread to my liver, so the surgery was stopped. Unfortunately my gallbladder had already been removed at this point.

The only option and treatment left was to continue on with chemotherapy. Fortunately, I’ve had a great response to the treatments.

Today, while I am still undergoing treatment to help control the disease, I am once again living one of the best times of my life. I have a renewed appreciation of life and once again pursuing my dreams. I feel a lot better today, than when I was first diagnosed. While some days are hard and sometimes feel like giving up, I am grateful to have a strong faith, caring, support friends and family. More importantly,  a loving and incredible wife who keeps me grounded and my two wonderful kids.

In 2019, I started working on the UNresectable podcast to help bring hope and inspiration to anyone who may be going through a health crisis. I’ve learned a lot from others going through similar health challenges. I’ve learned not to make the same mistakes others have made. Also I want to expose misleading or misinformation out there regarding cancer cures.

Unresectable is a way to tell my story in my own words. It’s also a form of therapy as I embark on this journey.

Thank you for all those who support and have supported me.

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